Atmosphere @ IRIS - Walaa Jafari
Sr. Key Account Manager
14 March, 2022 by
Nawal Hanafia

·Tell us about yourself: I`m Walaa and finished my bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in 2011 from Mutah University, At first, I moved between a lot of companies until I settled in IRIS Technology, and catch my current carrier, In the sales department, then I found it very suitable for my personality, and I learned a lot from it, and it contributed to my development in several areas, including the ability to persuade, and that knowledge is a necessary thing to sale anything and self-control. But after all, it is all about charisma.

· How long have you been working in an IRIS Company?
  About 7 years

 · What is your greatest Achievement in IRIS Company?                                      All my days in IRIS are achievements because I work in a sector in which it is not easy to be distinguished and to become known and trusted. I have many achievements and references; many government and commercial agencies have become regular customers.

· What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in work?                                        My biggest challenge was to build the largest number of strong and reliable relationships with customers to reach the level of the enterprise, To the point that they call you to negotiate their IT future plans and write with them their RFPs.

· Do you feel connected to your teammates in IRIS Company? 
Yes, of course, we are always supporting each other as a family.

· What are your business goals this year?
My business goals are clear actually, to continue my job, create my team, increase my projects, and create easy ways (Smarter Not Harder) to reach more customers more enterprises as usual. 

· What do you love the most about your job?
Coffee time with Al-Qurashi and When I receive feelings of appreciation and encouragement from my company and my customers.

· How often are you stressed out at work?
Put on my headset and listen to music or get out of the office, talk to my colleagues.

                        · Do you feel there is an opportunity to grow in IRIS Company?
                        Of course, it was mutual I have grown at IRIS and IRIS grew with us and it is an increasable sustainable process.

                        · What are 2-3 things you want to learn or improve about yourself this year?
                        There is no certain thing, I'm always eager to learn but after a while, you have to focus only on how to become more professional.

                        · How does your manager help you succeed?
                        My manager gave me the basics of the professional, space to move, freedom to create,  all tools to close deals, and appreciation even for small achievements.

                        · What does social responsibility mean to you?
                        Social responsibility is a message to make the world a better place to live, I love to do things to help people and animals on a personal level. at IRIS technology we do some charitable activities for poor children and students.

                        Nawal Hanafia
                        14 March, 2022
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