Cyber Security

Cyber resilience requires cyber security solutions that can ensure business continuity and prevent data loss or corruption, it's paramount to have cyber solutions that can keep customers safe and available.

IRIS Technology delivers the experience, resources, and expertise needed to create a comprehensive cyber security plan that covers your vital data, end users, and critical infrastructure.

Cyber Security


With the complexity of network integration dramatically increasing, emerging network standards and approaches don't make choosing the right network solutions and designs easier.

We deliver high-speed, robust, secure networking to organizations, with services undertaken with careful consideration of your current systems, your offices and your environment and supporting your objectives for your infrastructure.


Enabling enterprise vision through smart IT infrastructure solutions, enabling our clients to build and orchestrate the next-gen IT infrastructure solutions productively and cost-effectively. 

We provide planning, designing, implementing and maintaining IT infrastructure, with in-depth knowledge for delivering the right blend of technology, people, and processes, we have enabled various segments to accelerate their ROI.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Elastic compute, containers, serverless frameworks, hybrid cloud architectures. We help you clarify your goals, determine the needs of the business, and identify ways to put different service delivery models into place.

We help you design a hybrid cloud environment that is secure and can be monitored for vulnerabilities. We have the tools and expertise to help you conquer those challenges and improve the performance of your business services.

Enrich Your Technology Vision 

Backed by a strong vision and sustained growth rate, the company’s reach has spread to all sectors and segments in the Middle East region. As new challenges unfold, we remain at the forefront in deploying and integrating technologies, the endeavor is to empower enterprises with knowledge and innovative ways to make the most out of technology.

1,000+ Companies Trusts IRIS Technology in The Middle East Region to Grow Their Businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.


Providing the “Behind-The-Scenes” support for mission-critical business operations, and connecting information, people, and systems through an unprecedented number of channels.


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