Code of Ethics

In today’s environment, ethics and compliance have become a top priority for an increasing number of our clients. To best serve you, we remain steadfast in our commitment to high ethical standards and the principles embedded in our core values.

Our Ethics for You

Since IRIS Technology was founded, ethics have been fundamental to the way we do business. We continue to use ethics to build trust with our clients, team members, and suppliers.

  • Our clients: offering the business and technology solutions and the expertise that fit their needs, and delivering the results they expect.

  • Our team members: paying attention to their career development and well-being, offering challenging objectives and fair rewards, and ensuring a diverse workforce and work environment.

  • Our alliances, partners, and suppliers: conducting business on a fair and ethical two-way basis with and acting in compliance with our sustainable procurement principles.

  • The communities in which we operate and live near acting in a socially responsible manner, minimizing the impact of our business activity on the environment through an ongoing drive towards sustainability.

Code of Business Ethics

Guided by our core values, our Code of Business Ethics comprises the following sections:

  • People: health, safety, equality and open dialogue.

  • Business integrity: fair competition; institutional anti-bribery and anti-corruption measures; and avoidance of conflicts of interest.

  • Business relationships: close collaboration with clients, partners and suppliers.

  • Third-party assets: guarding confidential information, alongside the appropriate use of third-party assets and resources.

  • Responsible citizenship: contributing to communities and minimizing impact on the environment.